Interlude…between preemies


Well, good Elijah loved to share, especially his chickenpox! Since I never had it as a child, I got it for sure at the age of 30! Man! Was I shocked! He had it pretty easy and I spent a week in discomfort. Oatmeal baths and anything else that might help ease the pain. But at least he was okay with it and recovered quickly with no affects. Soon it was time to move again, this time to Alaska! Packing and getting cold weather stuff together, and getting the van undercoated and prepped for the drive. One day, the wife said she feels sick a bit and nauseous. Uh oh….hmmm, sick or preggers? Took a home test with a negative reading, so okay we can just get her feeling better for the long drive to Alaska.
We drove from Virginia to Albuquerque to see our parents for a month before heading along the Alcan Highway on a long adventure to the frozen north. We had spent a few days with my mom then the rest of the time with her parents, giving me time to prepare the van and our supplies as we planned to camp while in Canada. Wife started to feel nauseous again, so we went to see the doctor and she had her take a blood test and guess what? Pregnant! Her parents were a little upset as all the medical issues we went through with Elijah, but my wife spoke to them and they accepted it. She was cleared for the trip as she was only a month or so along and they would again wait until the first trimester was past before proceeding with another cerclage. Before we left, I received a call and they said my mom had a heart attack and was at the hospital. I rushed back home and spent time with her until she was able to go back home. Her heart was weakened and they didn’t know how long she had, but at least she was back home.
The drive up to Canada was wonderful; we stayed at hotels and just enjoyed showing Elijah the sights. We even stayed an extra day in Edmonton to see the huge mall and take Elijah on the rides inside. From there on, we would drive and camp in our tent for the night. Kept a shotgun for any possible bears visitors, but none stopped by to see us. We finally arrived in Alaska and stopped in Tok for our first hotel stay in a week. Saw what we thought were hitching posts for horses in front on the parking lot, it was to plug your car in at night to keep it warm enough to start in the mornings. Luckily it was late August for us. Elijah had a great time and enjoyed it all. A day or so later, we arrived in Anchorage and stayed at the on base hotel until we found a house to live in.
Termination dust, for those from snow areas knows, this is the sign of the coming winter, the first snow fall at the tops of the mountains. We were excited! A snowy Christmas for sure this year! Little did I know it would be 145 inches of it!!! Elijah soon learned what the ice cream truck sound was for, a fast learner! We moved into a duplex in Anchorage and I started work. Doctor visits and plans for the cerclage and follow on monitoring and visits to keep the baby inside for as long as possible. I got a beeper and we made codes for what my wife needed, 1 for emergency, 2 for call me soon, and 3 for call me whenever you can. Fortunately, no issues there, the pregnancy progressed normally. December came and I bought our very own plastic Christmas tree and decoration, Elijah was very happy since Alaska is very near to where Santa Clause lives! We got to feed the wandering moose in our yard carrots. They kept lying down in my freshly plowed driveway! I couldn’t get out sometimes. Found out they loved to lick the salt I put out to melt the snow. At least I had a very good excuse for being late to work. Wife loved to watch E.R. on TV, about the baby ward that one episode. Then she went to the bathroom….

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