Tristen (Pt 1)


My wife went to the bathroom to urinate after watching E.R. when her urine wouldn’t stop. She knew something was up, sure enough, her water had broken. At least we anticipated this potential event; we had set up a babysitter for Elijah who knew we could call upon her at a moments notice. We had been told to head to the military base hospital immediately after and they would handle it from there. Our car was always full of gas and in the garage ready to go. Supplies had been packed for Elijah’s stay at the babysitter and for my wife’s stay at the hospital. We planned ahead at least.

Grabbed the supplies and called the babysitter and drove over and dropped Elijah off with her. Elijah had stayed with her previously so he would be accustomed to her and be less stressed. He waved goodbye and we headed to the base hospital. Once in the emergency room, they evaluated her and gave her steroid shots for the baby’s lungs to develop. They called ahead to the hospital in Anchorage and loaded my wife onto an ambulance. I followed the ambulance to the hospital and into the birthing room next to the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit. She was stable and the monitored her and the baby until the next day when they decided to deliver the baby. Anxious on how this baby would do as compared to Elijah.

The time came and they prepped the room for delivery and my wife was given to go ahead to push. The baby came out easily and they placed the baby next to my wife’s leg while they cut the umbilical. I saw the baby and it was another boy and better yet, he looked normal! Chubby cheeks and all! Smaller than a term baby, but still! I was excited! Wife was happy! Hopefully he wouldn’t suffer the same conditions as his brother. Okay okay…..what is his weight!!!????  3.5 pounds! One pound more than Elijah, which is great news as the longer the baby stays inside and weighs more, the better the chances. I decided on Tristan, but sounded too much like Dristan. So I changed it to Tristen. Wife suggested the name from a soap opera she used to watch. Not-so-little Tristen was born during the winter of Alaska, our little Eskimo we joked.

My wife’s stay in the hospital was for two nights then she was discharged. They taught her how to use the breast pump to get milk for the baby. We were to refrigerate the bags then bring it to the hospital every time we came to visit. Was very happy Tristen could get the best milk possible, but a little sad that Elijah didn’t get the same opportunity.  The hospital was very good and did a lot for us. We would take Elijah with us, but they wouldn’t let him into the NCIU to see him. So we would take turns going in to see him. We would go to the cafeteria and have lunch together afterwards. At least Tristen was kept nice and warm, as we froze our butts off in out first winter in Alaska.

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Tristen - My Third Preemie

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