Tristen (Pt 2)


Tristen was born at 29 weeks as was Elijah, but he weighed one pound more at the time of birth. His duct between the heart and lungs closed normally and he had no blockage in his intestines like his brother. During his stay in the NICU, no surgeries were needed and he readily drank his mother’s milk and gained weight rapidly. He also was not on a respirator but for a few days and had no bleeding on the brain. I was strange how two babies born at about the same time differed so greatly in health issues. But at least we were prepared either way.

After only one and half months, Tristen was able to come home also with a heart/respiration monitor, but soon after that was no longer required. He developed normally and suffered no delays or impairments. Follow up doctor visits showed no affects from the premature birth and that he was growing and developing normally. We were very relieved, but it made us feel sad for what his brother had to go through, maybe that’s why we tended to watch over Elijah a little more.

Tristen continued to grow and do well. A little typical teenage rebellion during his school years, but otherwise a good child overall. He had no affects from his premature birth and continues to do well to this day. Maybe the time in the hospital did affect him as he took an interest in the medical field and currently training to become certified as an EMT.

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Tristen - My Third Preemie

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